We leverage best in-class technology to drive above average KPI’s.


Our Reach is unmatched thanks to our unique partnerships, stacked on top of the traditional TV networks, providing higher conversions.


Our print campaigns double dip as not only advertising but outreach, making a huge impact around the globe, just from your local marketing dollars.

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We all enjoy and love amazing content, and that is why PandA exists, to give our community access to content that may have not made it to main stream because of the the faith messaging within the content or connection that the creators have to God. These creators are unashamed of and unwilling to compromise in their personal faith, often times at great financial peril.

This actually gives our limited group of sponsors a great opportunity to step up and put their money where their heart (mouth) is and support what they believe too!

We fully understand that advertisers have unlimited places to spend their advertising dollars, but we challenge you to find another source that will give you ABOVE return on your investment in advertising KPIs and at the same time
“MAKE SUCH A DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD” providing real change and value.



We understand that the top 27 industries create over 80% of the profit in the advertising space, and we are very selective on who we work with. Our ecosystem creates a very HIGHLY ENGAGED group, providing a very unique opportunity to advertisers! This allows us to have a small select group of sponsors allowing for a win-win relationship with in the ecosystem.

We only accept sponsors that share in our values and reserve the right to remove you at any time if your original faith statements change!

Print and Advertising Engine and monetization platform

If you are on this page, God has give you an unique opportunity to not only get results from your advertising dollars, but to double dip and impact the KINGDOM! Be part of the solution, and help us make an impact in a dark world. We leverage all the same tricks and technology the rest of the industry does, but we do a few things completely different!

  • We leverage everything we do to make an impact for the Kingdom
  • Our members get family-friendly content and engage 350% more than other content sites.
  • We give back over 80% of our profits to the creators so they can not only continue to make amazing content but do in in a way that shines LIGHT in the DARK!

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