Many of our creators have “LIVE” events that can be streamed from our platform or within our network at “NO COST” as well. Many provide BACK STAGE PASSES, RED CARPET EVENTS and Special Opportunities to immerse our supporters with an up close and personal LIVE INTERACTION.


Fans… Join the movement

A few things we’re great at

Not Just A Fan?

PandA is a Highly Active, Faith Friendly Community that encourages amazing content creators to do just that…CREATE AMAZING CONTENT!

We all enjoy and love amazing content, and that is why PandA exists, to give our community access to content that may not have made it to main stream because of the the faith messaging within the content or connection that the creators have to God. These creators are unashamed of, and unwilling to compromise in their personal faith, often times at great financial peril. This actually gives our limited group of sponsors a great opportunity to step up and put their money where their heart (mouth) is and support what they believe too!

PandA For Creators

Finally have a home where your faith is encouraged and your talent can truly shine. God has gifted you with unique abilities, and PandA is the ecosystem that will allow you to monetize 

PandA for Sponsors

Make the most out of your advertising & marketing budgets by double dipping to spread Light in the Dark globally!

PandA for Investors

Make a true life long investment, creating ROI on Earth while making heavenly deposits!